About the Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosellas usually start breeding in August with young fledging in early to mid December.

At the commencement of the breeding season, the male begins displaying and vocalising to the female near the nest hollow.

His displays include shaking his tail and giving a series of whistle calls. He will feed the female during the courtship period, and while she is incubating eggs as well as during the early stages of chick rearing.

The female undertakes all incubation duties while the male provides food for her and the chicks. During incubation and the first few weeks after the chicks hatch, the female rarely leaves the nest. The male periodically calls her out of the nest during the day, where they will fly away together for just a few minutes.

The female then returns to the nest to continue incubation or care of the young chicks. As the chicks get closer to fledging, the female may spend longer periods of time out of the nest hollow during the day.